jual ip pbx newrock om 20 jakarta

Jual IP PBX Newrock OM20-50

Jual IP PBX Newrock OM20-50

Jual IP PBX Newrock Om 20 – 50  – Rislatel adalah Jual PABX untuk wilayah  dan sekitarnya dan bisa di hubungi melalui Telp/SMS/WA di 0812-1923-7435 & 0817-690-5471, Jual IP Pbx Murah, Pasang IP Pbx Murah, Pasang Voip Gateway, Setting Sip Trunk, Setting IVR

Wilayah Jual IP Pbx Dan Pemasangan :

  • IP PBX Banjarnegara
  • IP PBX Purwokerto
  • IP PBX Batang
  • IP PBX Blora
  • IP PBX Boyolali
  • IP PBX Brebes
  • IP PBX Cilacap
  • IP PBX Demak
  • IP PBX Purwodadi
  • IP PBX Jepara
  • IP PBX  Karang Anyar
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  • Always Connected with Your Customers

    With features such as remote extension, call forking to your mobile phone, and call-back, OM assures you that wherever you are–whether in your office, traveling abroad, or working at home–you will never miss any important business calls.

    Never Miss a Call

    The auto-attendant provides 24×7 service to customers, and efficiently directs incoming calls to the extensions or cell phones of the correct person through configurable voice menus for business/non-business hours and holidays. The smart auto-attendant can even deliver the calls from VIP or repeat customers to the appropriate agents directly, bypassing voice menus (caller-agent binding).

    Reduction of Telecommunications Cost

    OM has all the IP remote-calling functions needed to support the remote worker, business travel, and communication with branches through the Internet. With IP, international or long-distance calls are turned into local toll-free calls. With advanced routing capabilities, OM can route calls intelligently according to call types. Combined with New Rock’s WeWei® softphone app and NeeHau™ Softconsole, you can achieve more effective and comfortable communications between you and your customers.


–  Built-in analog-gateway modules and storage for recording, FoIP, and voicemail
– Headquarters and branch-office communications through SIP-based tie trunks
– Mobile extensions keep you connected anytime…anywhere
– The Windows-based SoftConsole provides click-to-dial, call history, and call recording
– Plug-and-play for IP phones
– XML/HTTP-based RESTful API for third-party applications
– Remote access via New Rock Cloud
– Management with New Rock or third-party Element Management Systems (TR-069, SNMP)
– Add-on middle-ware for hospitality applications
– Peer-to-peer communication between OM IP-PBX and SIP terminals across NAT without the need for static IP addresses, DDNS or port mapping on the access router

–  Class I lightning protection